Cantina DIY – Make a Cork Magnet Planter for your Fridge!

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Who wants succulents you can stick on your fridge? Yes please! 🙌🌿✨

This weekend we crafted Cork Magnet Planters and want to share it with you.

Materials we used:
– Mini succulent
– Paint – We used Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint – Linen White
– Wine Corks
– Soil
– Activated Charcoal
– Small magnet
– Masking tape
– Paint brush
– Tweezers
– Glue
– Pocket knife
– Spoon

1. Carefully hollow out the cork with the pocket knife
2. Apply the masking tape to guide where you want to paint
3. Paint any pattern on to the cork and leave to dry
4. Once dry, glue the magnet onto the cork
5. Fill the bottom of the cork with charcoal, then fill the rest with soil
6. Transplant the mini succulent into the cork – tweezers helped!

Then it’s ready to decorate your fridge! 🌵💚

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