Just 14 Really Nice Ways to Style Devil’s Ivy in Your Home

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Everybody’s talking about the Insta-worthy indoor house plant – Epipremnum aureum. Also known as Devil’s Ivy or Pothos, it’s almost impossible to kill and it’ll keep on growing even in the dark!

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to display this botanic beauty, don’t stress: we’ve got a list.

Drop us a comment and tell us which style you liked the best.

Happy planting!

1. In a Kokedama

via Succulent Sistas

2. Frame a Mirror

image: Natalie Jeffcott via ApartmentTherapy


3. Hydroponics – No soil gardening!

image: itsprettynice via Instagram


4. Fill gaps in your bookshelf

via RueMag


5. In a Macrame Hanging Planter

via The Anthology


6. Contrast it against a white wall

image: Lauren Bamford via MrKitly


7. Hang it off a log

via Pinterest


8. Frame it around the edge of your window sill

image: Frida Ramstedt via Trendenser


9. Or just let it grow in front of the window

via Homelife


10. Above the shower (or on the shower rail)

via Luisa Brimble


11. Use a wall trellis

via ListSpirit


12. Through the staircase balustrade

image: Dave Michigan


13. In the middle of the staircase

(okay, almost the same as number 12 but this variation was just too cool)

via myscandinavianhome


14. Hang it like bunting

via GardeningLiving

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