Good plant care for indoor houseplants doesn’t mean buying expensive tools and products. A lot of the best supplies can be found in your kitchen cupboard, in your bathroom, or even on your head! We made a list of all the household items you could be using to boost your gardening skills: Honey Honey makes

The Problem: What are fungus gnats? These pests are tiny, dark colored flies that look very similar to a fruit fly or mosquito. They are attracted to rich, moist soil – particularly with organic matter in it. Adult pests only live up to a week, but in that time they can lay about 300 eggs..

This post is for all the cat & plant parents out there! Pets and plants are two elements which can make your house feel like a home, but sometimes the two don’t quite get along.

Succulents come in a huge range of shapes and sizes and we have collected some of the weirdest and most fantastic looking in this list.

50 Ways to Style Hanging Plants

We LOVE our hanging plants! There are so many reasons you might want to keep your plants off the ground – to keep them away from your pets, away from the kids, to save space in an apartment or balcony or just because it looks great! Adding some verticality to your greenery is a great

Everybody’s talking about the Insta-worthy indoor house plant – Epipremnum aureum. Also known as Devil’s Ivy or Pothos, it’s almost impossible to kill and it’ll keep on growing even in the dark! If you’re stuck for ideas on how to display this botanic beauty, don’t stress: we’ve got a list.