Extra Information – The Vortex Planter

It’s time to use your new planter. Hooray!

In the box you will find the Vortex planter and twine. Pull the twine through the holes and tie the knot. Your planter may already have the twine looped and knotted for you.

If you like, trim the twine down to your preferred length.

Tie the loop at the top. This will be the loop that hangs from a hook.

Hang up your planter! We recommend using a threaded metal hook and wall plug into plaster. We also recommend doing your research as each household is different.

This planter does not have a drainage hole (no mess, woohoo!) so please research your plant’s drainage needs before transplanting.

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If you are unhappy with your planter in any way please contact us at steph@cantinahome.com or hamish@cantinahome.com

Cantina is not responsible for the installation of your hanging planter. It is up to you to ensure you have the appropriate hook, and inserted into the wall or ceiling at your own risk.